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An Overview of ALL Our Vegas Massages

Las Vegas massage services

You've decided you'd like to partake in having a massage in the comfort of your hotel room or home. You heard that an outcall massage involves some adult entertainment, and you definitely heard right! Once you get on the phone or start the process of emailing a massage service to handle the scheduling for you, you need to be ready to provide information about the type of massage you'd like to enjoy. Where do you begin? You came to the right place! Here is a rundown about the many massage services we offer to help you with the decision process.

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Spice Up Your Love Life With A Couple's Massage

fawn2Who says that hiring a massage has to be just for singles? A couple's massage is a new "thing" that men and women alike find to be exciting. You'll have the benefit of enhancing your relationship in a whole new way while enjoying the amenities provided by a sexy woman who tends to your beck and call. Here's a rundown of what you can expect when you make an appointment with a massage artist who caters to couples.

Someone Who Appeals To All Involved

Before you book a massage, consider picking out the exact person who will provide the session to you. This isn't always achieved when you book a massage at a spa or massage parlor. You might end up with someone totally opposite to the type of person who you find attractive. Take a look at the profiles of the women who work for our service and select one that you find attractive. Make sure to keep your partner in mind as well, as they will also be spending time with the masseuse you select. If the massage is not going to be a surprise, have them help you with the selection process.

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How Fawn Discovered Her Passion For Body Work

fawn2Do you enjoy getting massages every now and again? I am a big advocate for massage and the many benefits it gives to those who receive them. Finding out that I had a passion for giving massages to others came to me a little at a time. I now provide massage as one of my amenities when you hire me as your personal escort. Here is how I knew massage-giving was my true calling.

I Decided To Try A Session Myself

My friends were always telling me that I deserved to be pampered. This was when I was in my late teens and early twenties. I was always working more than one job and suffered from a great deal of discomfort in my body because of grueling hours and heavy lifting. I finally mustered up the energy and courage to make an appointment at a local spa to get a massage. Needless to say, it did wonders for my body and I was totally hooked! I made it a priority to get massages whenever I had the funds to do so.

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Getting A Massage Has Never Been This Easy

quinn1Everyone loves being touched every now and again. The right movements along the body can easily relax muscles and put you into a state of satiated bliss. Many turn to spa-like establishments when they are hankering for a massage. A better idea is to contact us to set up an appointment with a personal masseuse. Read on to find out what is entailed when you book a massage with one of our gorgeous women.

Enjoy A Massage Without Strict Rules In Place

At spas, you need to heed the rules of the establishment you select when getting a massage. This means your massage will be limited to a certain amount of minutes, without the chance to expand upon it because someone else may have an appointment right after yours was supposed to end. While some spas allow for partial nudity, there are rules in place that requires masseuses to cover portions of the body when they do their work. You won't have the thrill of seeing your masseuse nude either....and you don't get to select the masseuse dependent on her looks either. In fact, you could end up with a guy doing the honors. Don't put yourself in this predicament. Hire the exact masseuse you want, and enjoy all she has to offer without worry.

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Why We Love A Good Soapy Massage

tory1The power of touch can be extremely invigorating. The use of warm temperature can make the experience even better. Mix the two and you have a session of pure bliss coming your way. Our ladies love giving clients massages....and this can be accomplished with water and soap! Here are some reasons why a good soapy massage from one of our beauties is just what the doctor ordered.

Your Massage Artist Will Be Absolutely Stunning

If you are going to be spending time with someone in a bathtub, you may as well make sure she is pleasing to the eyes. No one wants to be in a vulnerable situation with a person who doesn't draw you in with their attractiveness...especially when they are completely nude. Take a look at the gorgeous women who provide massage services directly on our website. You'll have the opportunity to read more about each one and check out their profile photos. Think about what a particular woman will look like in your bathtub. Does this thought get you excited? If so, do you want her to touch you and give you a massage you'll remember for a good long while? Great! Now book a session with her and find out what is in store!

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3 Reasons to Skip the Spa and Have Your Massage In Room

camilla3If your body is riddled with aches and pains or you are just looking for a way to relax, massage has likely come to mind. Instead of heading to the spa for a massage, hiring an in-room masseuse to tend to your body is an option to keep in mind. Here are three reasons why in-room massage is beneficial over a spa experience.

There Is No Waiting Game To Play

When you go to a spa, even though you have a set appointment for your session, there is no guarantee someone will be available to administer your massage the minute you walk in the door. You may need to wait for a prior client to wrap up their own session. This could put you in the predicament of needing to talk to others in the waiting area. This can be embarrassing if you run into someone you know while waiting for your session to begin. If you are a no muss, no fuss kind of guy, hiring someone to come to you is preferable. Your masseuse will show up on time and tend to you immediately.

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Ever Had 2 Women Massage You at Once?

IMG 6352Most guys find the experience of getting a massage one that helps with relaxation and the reduction of muscle tension. Hiring a masseuse has the added benefit of getting a massage from a gorgeous woman in a private setting rather than being subjected to rules put in place at a public establishment. What about having two women give a massage at once though? Is that an option? You betcha! Here is a rundown of what you can expect when you hire two women to give you a massage.

Select The Women That Pique Your Interest

Before you set up your massage date, take a look at our website to browse through the many women available for the task. Each of our ladies has a profile with pertinent information to read through regarding their physical attributes and specialties of services. There are also photographs available to spark your interest. Pick out two women that you believe would work well together at performing your massage. Also, pick two that you are curious about or that you find attractive.

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