Something Unreal Is Waiting For You

My husband is such a handsome man, he's taken such good care of his body, I just love watching get massages. This was the first time we got serious about checking out an experience in erotic couples massage. We decided, we're here, we might as well go all the way to a happy ending Las Vegas style! I could see he was excited just looking online at the available sexy women who love giving massages. Our neighbors were for real. These girls were experienced, totally not shy, and truly enjoyed their work. It was easy to see we were in for a top-quality good time.

When Jennifer got to our hotel room, we hugged, my husband shook her hand nervously. She was an exceptional beauty with delicate features and an astounding shapely figure. For a second I felt a bit self-conscious, but she looked into my eyes and smiled so sweetly I just melted. "My favorite is our Las Vegas NURU massage, let's get naked and I'll oil you up", she said with a sexy grin. I began to unbutton my husbands shirt, revealing his broad chest. Jennifer's eyes widened with appreciation. Then my hubby slide my short down over my hips, by the time I wiggled my legs free, Jennifer was standing there in all her naked glory.

It's not as Easy as it Sounds, It's Easier!

I poured us all a glass of really nice Pinot Gregio. The room began to fill with the delicious fragrance of Nuru massage oil, and the lit candles reflected our glistening skin. All at once I began to feel exotic and exciting. My husband took me into his arms and offered me a long thank you kiss, and we began our Las Vegas NURU massage. Jennifer moved to the bed and motioned for us to join her. The most impressive point was the way she kept us both relaxed and involved as she pleasured us, first one, then the other. First stimulating, then relaxing, then arousing every sensual nerve in our bodies.

My husband had this crooked grin after about a half hour of pampering that I thought was absolutely stuck on his face! Jennifer glanced at me and gave me a quick wink. It was as easy as that, three people enjoying each other without reservation, comfortable, relaxed and feeling very, very good. We weren't just enjoying the moments of ecstasy during our total NURU massage in Las Vegas, we were learning how to arouse and please each other in ways we'd never before thought of. Knowing my husband as well as I do, I could tell it was time to change things up before it was all over too quickly. Let's face it, no one wanted this night to ever end.

Jennifer was all over it, she moved over to me and I rolled over onto my back. My husband rolled on his side to watch us, our eyes met and I got warm all over. Jennifer was skillfully using every body part to smooth my well-oiled skin and massaged me from every angle. I was melting under her skillful touch. My senses were heightened and I could literally feel Jennifer's breath on my chest. She lifted my arms up over my head and I began to feel my body just take over, no more thinking, just complete pleasure.

My husband whispered into my ear, "Go for it sweetie." My eyes closed involuntarily as I went with it. Jennifer and I were quite moist with beads of sweat on our foreheads and upper lips, we looked to the right, almost simultaneously. Sure enough, there was my husband, engrossed so much in what we were doing, he absent-mindedly had his hand under his towel. Jennifer and I playfully laughed and tossed the towel to the floor.

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