This One Is Tried And True

Even though I knew I would see my mom again in heaven, I missed her. In fact, sometimes at night I would think about how I'd never enjoy a shampoo like the ones she gave me, ever again. Life goes on as they say. I traveled the world, I saw things I never knew existed. Sometimes I experienced new things and thought about how my mom always taught me to enjoy myself in whatever I was doing. During a single woman's trip to the orient, I met another single, traveling woman. We talked for hours at a local pub. As she got up to leave, she looked at me. She asked me if I'd ever been to a massage spa. Why no I hadn't. We set up a time the next day to get massages nearby.

From that day on, I had a place to go when life got tough, when I met with a disappointment, or was stressed over a client who was impossible to please. The release I felt in a massage took away the worry and stress knots, I immediately returned to the sense that everything always got better. Massages were my escape, my relief, even a place to hide while I thought through difficult decisions. All this to say, up until I returned to Las Vegas, massages were medicinal and helpful for me.

Returning to Find the Las Vegas Sensual Massage

I registered at an affordable hotel for an extended stay until I found an apartment in Las Vegas. One night as I was rubbing my own sore feet, aching from searching one end of Las Vegas to the other for a job, and a suitable apartment that I could afford, I came across a website. There were photos of exotic girls, all different kinds of sexy, alluring, sweet and some really down to earth and friendly, from what I read in their personal biography pages.

One of the girls described on her page about her passion for Las Vegas sensual massage. It struck me that I never thought a massage was sensual. Relaxing, yes, invigorating, absolutely, but what had I been missing? I called the agency to see if that girl was available to talk to me. I asked some pretty pointed questions about sensual massage Las Vegas style. We talked about what on earth happy ending massage Las Vegas style was and did I know about their Las Vegas in room massage?

Here I thought I had received all the massages the world had to offer and my experiences were only the tip of the iceberg. So I made an appointment with this cute young Asian girl and she promised me an experience to remember. That evening I tied back my long hair before my shower because I didn't want to take hours to rinse, dry and comb it all out. It was so thick and reached down past my waist to my bubble butt. I didn't know what to expect except that I was assured I would enjoy myself and since I love surprises, I left it at that. Dressing in a loose fitting mini dress and low heel pumps, I was just in time for my guest to arrive.

Surprises All Along the Way

My new friend was prompt and had brought some interesting toys, oil massage candles and a music player. She quickly transformed my hotel room into a romantic, candle lit environment not unlike those rooms I visited for massages around the world. As she unpacked her treasures, I asked her about some of the strange devices. She just said they were for my pleasure, and maybe I would like a happy ending. Ok, there was that strange reference again, perhaps tonight I would understand what all that was about.

Slowly, Asami began to take off her clothes, the music began soft and slow, but as it began to have a pulsing down beat she smiled and began to step up her sexy moves. I watched in amazement as she skillfully released herself from her clothing and continued to move gracefully in time to the music. Then she did something unbelievable, she danced over to me and began to play with my hair. Her fingers were so delightful, so teasing and caring at the same time. I stood up and began to follow her lead, dancing and teaching my body to move like hers.

I felt a connection with Asami, I suddenly wanted to learn everything she wanted to teach me. She suggested that I lay on my stomach on the bed, but first, I should take off my dress. I quickly obeyed anxious to find out what was next. As I lay there on my belly, Asami drizzled the massaging oils over my back. Starting with my neck she used her thumbs in magical ways, sometimes strong fingers, sometimes, feather light trails in a circular motion.

How Could I Not Know Massage Could be Sensual?

Asami moved down to the small of my back, massaging the luxurious oils into my spine, trailing her hands back up to my shoulders, and manipulating my arms and hands. Then, slowly and methodically, she began to massage my inner thighs, lifting my entire leg up from the bed and using skillful fingers she rubbed out the kinks and warmed my with her sensual palms. The trail of her hands often slipped to hidden places and I became aware of the sensuality of naked massage in Las Vegas.

I had traveled the world and back, but it took returning home to find the true meaning of sensual massage in Las Vegas.

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