Asian massageAfter such a long flight into Las Vegas, your neck and back are probably all kinds of tight. It hurts to turn and look out the airplane window, and now you have the remainder of the weekend to look forward to. But how are you suppose to enjoy yourself when you can't even turn your neck? Guess you better have it worked on. Now, depending on the hotel you stay in, chances are you have a spa located inside of it and if not, there is a hotel nearby with a spa. So you could go to one of these spots and have your body worked on, but this is Vegas! You need to have a different experience than what you have back home, and the fact of the matter is one standard massage is going to be just about the same wherever you go. That is why you need to turn to what Las Vegas does better than any other city in the world: adult entertainment. With the help of a specially given massage (thanks to the escorts to your room service), you can have a completely different massage than what you'd experience back home.

NURU Massage in Vegas

If you really want something different and something that not only is going to make your back and neck feel better but the rest of your body tingle with satisfaction, you need to turn towards a NURU massage in Vegas. Chances are, you've never actually experienced such a massage. But what is a NURU massage. Well, it all boils down to it being an Asian massage. If you've ever Google searched Asian massages online, chances are you've found some pretty interested services. There is a good chance the NURU massage is something that has come up during the search.

NURU Massage Given By Your Escort

With a NURU massage, which is given by the Asian escorts Las Vegas is known for, she is going to strip you down naked. Yup, you'll be completely naked. But don't worry, your Asian escort is going to be completely naked as well. From there, she oils both you and herself down. Now, this is a very special kind of oil. it is water based (so you don't need to worry about screwing up the bed sheets in your hotel room and paying a billion dollars to have them replaced (not really a billion, but you know how hotels like to outlandishly increase the price of items that go missing or are damaged in your room). The oil helps transfer heat from one body to the next. This way, the body heat from the Asian escort is going to help relax the muscles on your body. Think of it as a hot stone massage using your Asian escort's tits and ass.

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