A Truly Sensual Experience

I know, everyone who means anything to me has advised me to get out of my pity party and start living a new life. I say, easier said than done. Deep down I know they are all right, so I say yes to my friend, I'll be his best, best man ever. My mind is turning, as I try to think of something that's never been done, at least never in our world. One night I start Googling things related to bachelor parties. First I get a bunch of websites for Las Vegas. Whoops, then I get a website about Las Vegas naked massage. Wait, what is that? So I check out the website and it explains how guys like me and my friend can actually go to Las Vegas and call this agency and have as many women as we want come to our hotel. We can ask for naked massages, a gorgeous girl on the website describes on her bio page how much she loves to give naked massage in Las Vegas.

That's a thought, the girls are enjoying giving massages as much as the people getting a Las Vegas in room massage? What would happen if I invited all the groomsmen in my friend's wedding party to a bachelor party at a hotel in Las Vegas, and I set up a few dates for everyone to have massages and maybe a little stripping? I could have room service bring beverages and party food, maybe play some mood videos and later switch to music. It sounded like I wouldn't take mush preparation. I called the agency and asked them if the girls would participate beyond stripping to help make the party a success?

Would the Girls Who Liked to Perform Las Vegas Naked Massage Want to Do It for a Bachelor Party?

Would they ever! I was told by the agency there was nothing they loved more than to get all oiled up and naked, during their famous naked massage Las Vegas style parties. Also, bachelor parties were their favorite gigs because as long as the guys kept tipping them - the longer they partied. Suddenly I realized I hadn't felt depressed for two days. This was going to be a great party. The girls would bring everything they needed for entertainment, and for each of our sensual massage in Las Vegas experiences. The hotel would deliver food and drinks, and I could order videos in the room.

Here I was feeling like the bachelor party king. No one, that my friend and I have known, ever had a Las Vegas naked massage. This would be the best bachelor party ever, and that would make me the best, best man ever.

Finally the date of the bachelor party arrived. We were on the plane to Las Vegas and the guys were bugging me about the plans I had made. I had managed to keep everything a secret this long, I wasn't going to spoil it one the way to the hotel. So, I put up with their harassment, they were just trying to make me mad so I would get defensive and tell them the secret plan. We were checked in and everyone was meeting at my friend's hotel suite thinking we were going on a night on the town. Exactly to the minute the doorbell rang. I flicked on the music, turned down the lights and opened the door.

One Surprise that will Get Them Every Time!

The guys were speechless as I ushered in four sensational women. I knew Jack was nuts about red-heads, John had a real thing for feminine Asian women, and the groom had always dated women with full long black hair. For myself, I had picked a cute little blonde who's eyes twinkled and smiled as much as her full lips did. They walked in like a troupe of gorgeous models, sweeping the room for a way to set up for their performance. The guys were about as alert and attentive as I have ever seen them. I hadn't even told them they were all going to get their first naked massage in Las Vegas!

I decided to save that until they were all hot and excited by the strip show and games about to happen here. Boys will be boys and our guys were very much boys. The fun had been growing for almost two hours when my nearly naked little blonde came over to whisper, "Who gets the first massage?" Now all this time I was thinking we would all get one girl for our Las Vegas massage in room. These girls were actually up for giving the guys naked massages together. So I said, the groom gets the first massage.

Instant silence, what? The groom gets the first massage, first, did you say first, buddy, as in, do we get a Las Vegas naked massage too? That's the secret plan guys. I heard cheers, got some back slaps and "Wow, you really came up with this, guy?" comments. Then the girls skillfully took over and began to gang up on the groom and get his clothes off. Everyone forgot about the delicious platters of food at that point and as the massages were happening, I suddenly felt like a bachelor party super hero.

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