Finding A Happy Ending In Las Vegas

Needless to say, the only dates I got in High School were "pity dates", and I had no one to blame but myself. The minute I would open my mouth something inside me would scream silently, "For God's sakes duck!" I just knew what was about to happen was unnatural and crude. So it continued, until everyone else I knew was married. It seemed that everyone was paired off but me. Well, me and my cousin, Charlie. Only, I got all call recently that he, even Charlie was getting married.

His best man called to ask if I wanted to come to Charlie's bachelor party in Las Vegas. I'd never been to Las Vegas, it had a reputation of being Sin City. My imagination told me that things happened in Las Vegas that people were not supposed to talk about. Now I was faced with an immediate decision. Did I want to go to sin city with a bunch of guys who were bound to be doing all kinds of crazy things in a ritual to send off another guy into married bliss?

Arriving in Las Vegas I was Gifted with a Happy Ending

Once we all got into the hotel room, my cousin Charlie sat me down on the couch and handed me a beer. "Kid", he said, "You're going to have your birthday in a few days, you're going to be 21 years old." I was a little surprised he knew this. "I'm getting married next week and you'll be the only single guy left, the last free man." That's why I have decided that tonight, while the guys and I are out in the limo cruising the town, you're going to be holding down the fort here. I have arrange a visitor to come here and provide you with a genuine Las Vegas massage happy ending!

So, the wedding party showered, dressed and left smelling like a cologne testing station at Macy's, while I sat there, still on the couch wondering what I would say to a professional, hot girl while she was giving me a happy ending Las Vegas style. Of course I was emptying the trash bin, full of beer bottles and pizza boxes when a tall, beautiful young woman smiled at me and ask me where room 4012 was. Oh no, she's looking for my hotel room...I tried to smile, but she could see my awkward attempt and took me by the hand. "C'mon she said, do you have any more beer in there?"

She sat cross legged on the couch facing me. I nervously chugged on my beer. She talked, I listened. Then she put on some music and began to dance. She walk behind the couch and began to rub my neck and shoulders, I was so tense it was almost painful. The she went into the bathroom and drew a bath. She called me into the bathroom and helped me take off my clothes. There were little bottles of fragrance, she putt a few drops of one, then some other stuff. The bath water smelled amazing. She asked me if I was ready to get in? I nodded so she turn around while I took of my jockey shorts and stepped into the hot tub. It felt really good so I sunk into it and let the fragrant water wash over me.

Somehow I knew This Was Going to be My Happy Ending

Now she began to take off her clothing and as I watched her, she smiled teasingly and turned her back to me. She started to dance, then took off the rest of her clothes and before I knew it, she climbed into the tub with me! She was facing me and had her legs crossed. I looked at her, and she looked me right in the eyes and said, "You're not so shy, I'll bet you'd love to have some fun with me." She splashed me and laughed, so I splashed her back. Then she took my foot into her hands and began massaging my toes, between my toes, my ankles and up to my thighs. I thought I was just about to slip under the water when she said we should finish this on the bed.

She got out first and dried off so slowly I forgot to breath while I watched her. I was mesmerized by her tight curves and her perky little mounds. She reached over for another towel and I saw all her womanliness. I was hypnotized by her beauty. I stood there and she busily rubbed my body from head to toe with a soft towel. Then we ran into the bedroom and jumped onto the bed. My head was filled with her laughter and I instantly thought there was nothing I couldn't do.

The music in the living room turned to a popular song and she began to sing along. She told me she always wanted to be a professional singer. Suddenly I started to sing along with her. She rolled me over and slap my butt, then she started to gently massage me from the waist down. I felt alive inside, my body awakened and I was finally getting a taste of life. So this was in room massage Las Vegas style I thought. Relaxing into the present moment, I knew that after this night, I would never be the shy guy at the party again.

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