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How Fawn Discovered Her Passion For Body Work

fawn2Do you enjoy getting massages every now and again? I am a big advocate for massage and the many benefits it gives to those who receive them. Finding out that I had a passion for giving massages to others came to me a little at a time. Here is how I knew massage-giving was my true calling.

I Decided To Try A Session Myself

My friends were always telling me that I deserved to be pampered. This was when I was in my late teens and early twenties. I was always working more than one job and suffered from a great deal of discomfort in my body because of grueling hours and heavy lifting. I finally mustered up the energy and courage to make an appointment at a local spa to get a massage. Needless to say, it did wonders for my body and I was totally hooked! I made it a priority to get massages whenever I had the funds to do so.

I Took It A Step Further

Because I loved the way I felt after getting a massage, I wanted to share the experience with others. I felt that if I took a class, I could become a professional masseuse and offer my services to others. I mastered the art in my courses and used my knowledge to give professional massages at the very spa where I had my first one. I still work there to this day!

I Give Massages On The Side

The benefit of being a private massage artist means you don't need to adhere to strict rules when it comes to being clothed and unclothed during a massage. My clients enjoy the touch of a beautiful woman with the added bonus of me getting totally nude along with them! I primarily dabble in erotic massage and tantric massage. If you are looking to try a new experience with a sexy partner, all you need to do is give me a call and we can meet up for a session!