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An Overview of ALL Our Vegas Massages

The Basics About Las Vegas Massage Services

Las Vegas massage services

You've decided you'd like to partake in having a massage in the comfort of your hotel room or home. You heard that an outcall massage involves some adult entertainment, and you definitely heard right! Once you get on the phone or start the process of emailing a massage service to handle the scheduling for you, you need to be ready to provide information about the type of massage you'd like to enjoy. Where do you begin? You came to the right place! Here is a rundown about the many massage services we offer to help you with the decision process.

Couples Massage

Instead of enjoying an 'after-sports massage' one-on-one with your provider, bring along your significant other to enjoy the process with you with an exhilarating couples massage. You have the power to decide whether you would like one or two massage artists to show up at your door. These girls are like massage therapists but better. If you decide on one, she will tend to you and then your partner while the person not being serviced gets to observe the other while they are enjoying a blissful session. If you decide on two, you both get to be serviced at the same time. Why not enjoy a massage with the one you love?

In Room Massage

Just as the name implies, an in room massages one you get to enjoy in the comfort of your own room. When you have an outcall massage service send over a beautiful woman to work out the kinks in your body, complete discretion is always first and foremost on your massage artist's mind. She will show up dressed to impress, but not in a way that lets anyone she comes into contact with know that she is providing you with adult entertainment as well. The process is completely professional and the outcome is complete satiation.

Naked Massage

A naked massage is exactly what the term says. You are completely unclothed while you enjoy your deep tissue massage. This is sometimes not the case when you get a massage from a parlor. With an outcall massage you strip down bare. The best part is that you are not in this alone! Your massage artist also takes it all off. Now that is a massage that is well worth your time!

Tantra Massage

A tantra massage is one that involves your emotions and inner strength. Your massage artist uses her power of persuasion to entice you with the movements she makes upon your body. She will touch on your erogenous zones to tempt you more. She just won't finish out the touches you want though...not until the very, very end of the session. The anticipation helps to build up the happy ending you'll be sure to get when all is said and done.

Chinese Massage

Chinese massage artists have some tricks up their sleeves to make their sessions some of the most sought after when it comes to the type of massage a client prefers. This type of massage is best done by a woman from the country, and we have several to choose from!

Korean Massage

Let one of our Korean beauties provide you with a massage you will not forget anytime soon. Like a Chinese massage, a Korean massage involves secrets from Asia that only a true inhabitant knows how to provide. We have many Korean beauties on board to pick from, each with a personality that matches their attractiveness. Let your massage artist show you how it is done overseas!

Thai Massage

Massages given from women from Thailand are some of the best you'll ever have. Our oriental women are on standby just waiting to hear from you and are more than willing to help you take the edge off, relax, and fantasize. Check out our profiles and pick from our Thai massage artists for an adventurous massage full of surprises.

Oriental Massage

If you are unsure about what type of massage to select, and you know you'd like an Oriental woman to provide the service to you, simply ask us for an Oriental massage. We will help you choose a gorgeous massage artist from the East to rub you down using methods from her country. Once you have an Oriental massage, it is extremely difficult to obtain a massage from a standard parlor. 

ASMR Massage

ASMR massage involves the senses to help intensify the feeling of touch on the body. Your massage artist will use an array of methods, from pleasing sounds, enticing scents, and visual excitement to help boost the sensations you experience. This is a must-try if you never had this type of massage in the past.

Body Rubs With Oil

What is a massage without oil? Oil helps with the lubrication of the skin, making it easier for your vixen to apply just the right pressure to key parts of the body. Our massage artists have their own special oil solution that we feel is one of the best concoctions out there for massage play. Your massage artist will bring along a container to use during your session if you decide you'd like to give it a try.

Soapy Massage

Have you ever had a massage given to you while in a bathtub? Your massage artist will soap you up and use the power of the slickness of the cleaning agent to glide her hands across all portions in need of tending. You'll enjoy the warmth of the water and the sexiness of your supplier during the session.

Asian Massage

An Asian massage, like an Oriental massage, is a must-try if you never had a woman from overseas provide you with services before. These women know exactly what to do with their hands and their unclothed body to provide you with a session full of fantasy and relaxation. Let us help you pick out just the right massage artist for the job, and you'll be on your way to a state of satisfaction in no time at all.

Happy Ending Massage

If you have ever heard of the term happy ending massage before, you may wonder if this is truly an obtainable feat when it comes to receiving a massage. We assure you, with the right provider, you'll find yourself in an emotional state that consists of pleasure, relaxation, and closure. Simply allow your body to respond to your massage artist's movements, allow yourself to hone in on the feelings as they occur, and the rest comes naturally.

Erotic Massage

An erotic massage includes sexuality as you are being serviced. You'll love watching your massage artist playfully tease you with her movements and use her body as a main part of the massage giving you receive. Let your imagination run wild with this one!

Sensual Massage

A sensual massage uses a mix of standard movements with a hint of promiscuity along with it. Let your massage artist lead the way and allow your body to respond to her actions. Let yourself release all inhibitions and you'll find yourself responding to your provider's lead.

NURU Massage

NURU massage involves the use of a heated oil and some creativity. Your massage artist uses her nude body, along with her hands, to stroke and rub your body along with the slickness of the oil she applies. This one can get a bit messy, but it is more fun than you can imagine!