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Tami Will Give You An Invigorating Las Vegas Erotic Massage

Welcome! I'm Tami and as you can see, I'm pretty young and vibrant! I love being around people and I enjoy nightlife so very much! I'm hoping you'll want to spend some time with me in the Vegas area...preferably at a club or two! I really get into it on the dance floor and you'll love watching my curves bounce about!

I'm not only around for dates in public. I really love the time I spend with my clients alone in their homes or hotel rooms. That's when I really get to know them closely. I would enjoy it if you reached out to me and you could be that client!

I like to give my clients a special massage when we get to their place. After the time we spent in public, most of them are all for that. They anticipate what will happen when we get alone for all that time, so I don't like to make them wait.

I get my clients involved in the massage and suggest that they do so along with me.  After we are both clothes-free, I'll lead you to the bed for the session.

An erotic massage is exactly just that...a massage that allows you to explore your fantasies in the process. Role-playing works well when this type of massage is given. You'll be able to act out on anything you have thought about during our time out and I'll be more than happy to respond.

Massage makes the body feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Pair that with a date with me, and you've got it all. I will make sure you are satiated and ready to hook up again with me in the future. I can't wait to hear from you!

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