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Release All of Your Tension

I bet you have a lot of tension built up in your body. You feel tight. I know when I start to rub my hands all over your body I am going to feel this tightness everywhere, and it is my goal to help you release all of your tension. You are in Vegas, which means you're going to be doing all sorts of things you probably wouldn't do when you were at home. But isn't that the point of coming to Vegas!? We can start with our Las Vegas in room massage. I can work magic on your sore back, your sore legs, your sore thighs, your sore...well, you get the idea. If there is tension somewhere in the body I am there to work on it and to get rid of it. You just need to tell me where the tension is. It doesn't matter where. Anywhere. I'll release that tension so when you are done you feel like a limp noodle. My Las Vegas NURU massage is something you just have to experience in order to truly enjoy. Would you like a happy ending? Bet you didn't think I'd just come out and say it. But I know you do. I can tell in your eyes you have been dying to ask me about it. I can also tell you're feeling pretty exciting about what I'm going to tell you. My happy ending Las Vegas massage is just part of the package. After all, both your body and your mind need a release, and I'm here to give it to you. So lean back and take it easy. You can close your eyes and just feel the pleasure mounting. You can open your eyes and watch if you'd like. Whatever it is, you'll feel limp and refreshed when I'm done with you.

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