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Serenity Promises You'll Get Your Las Vegas Happy Ending

Hello there boys and girls! My name is Serenity, and like my name implies, that's exactly where you'll be when you have a Las Vegas happy ending after a date with me! I'm a girl who not only dates men, but also women or couples. Yes, I'm a jack of all trades, you might say! I love people in general, so whoever comes my way asking to spend time with me won't be denied!

I love going out and being the party girl! I'll make you feel special the way I hang all over you. Others will envy that spark we have between each other. Going to casinos and nightclubs is my favorite pastime with clients. I'll dress up and show off these luscious curves. You'll have a hard time keeping your eyes off of my body. That's a good thing though because you'll know that it's all yours when we got back to your place.

There, the magic takes place. I'll strip off that pretty little outfit so you can see what I have underneath. If you are excited by my profile pictures, you'll be even more impressed when you see all of me in my glory. Do you like watching strippers at all? I used to be one, so I know all the moves that help set the tone for what is to come. 

Usually, I'll either bring a client to the tub or Jacuzzi if they have one to enjoy a bubble bath together. This is so much fun! It's relaxing and there's the aura of wildness being with a nude woman who tends to your needs. After that, we hit the sheets for some massage. I'll touch you everywhere that needs tending to. That's where the Las Vegas happy ending happens. Want to learn more? Call or text and let's set up a session!

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