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Let Rachelle Give You A Las Vegas NURU Massage Tonight

Hello my friends! I'm Rachelle and I'm a massage artist who really enjoys spending time with older men. I am a bit older myself, so I know how hard it is to find someone within the right age range when it comes to dating. I am there for your needs and want to be the one you turn to when you have an event that requires a female partner.

I am not only available for business or personal group settings, however. I am there if you just want to have a woman to spend time with for an evening. Perhaps you are getting lonely or want to converse with a woman but aren't hooked up romantically with someone at the moment. That is when I come in! I am there for you!

If you just want time with a pretty lady alone, that is certainly an option as well. I'll show up at your place dressed to excite you. Once we get inside, I'll tend to any desires you have. This includes roleplay, fetishes, sub/dom, stripping, or massage. I do give a mean Las Vegas NURU massage so be sure to ask me about that if you never had one before! That's so much fun...being all wet with oil and then melding your bodies together. The thought gets me so worked up!

If you want to spend time with me, all you need to do is reach out by phone or text. I'll check my schedule, and we can work out a time and date where I'll be there for whatever you have in mind. Don't keep me waiting! Thanks for looking at my profile and I hope to hear from you real soon!

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