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Kori Is A Master At Las Vegas Sensual Massage

Welcome to my personal profile! I'm Kori and as you can see, I'm more than the average woman. I have a great personality and really enjoy conversing with clients for a while at the beginning of a date. If you are shy, don't worry at all! I'll take the lead! I just like knowing what a particular client likes and dislikes before we spend time alone. We can do this at a restaurant, lounge, or really doesn't matter. When we are comfortable with each other, then we can either go out and do something fun together in the city, or we can head back to your place. 

Most guys like spending a bit of time somewhere before going home or to a hotel room with me. It allows for both of us to kick back and enjoy some entertainment together first. It also builds up the anticipation level of what is to come.

At your place, I will show you a whole new side of myself. It's when I'll reveal my true self in all of its glory. I might start our intimate encounter with a sexy strip tease or some flirtation. Please let me know if my advances do the trick into wanting you to go further. If so, we can head to the bed for your Las Vegas sensual massage. This really lets you get into the moment and you'll really love having me touch you from head to toe. The best part is that I'll be completely nude while doing this! Yes, that amps up the fantasy level by far and you'll be moaning with delight in no time. Let my fingers knead away the aches and pains while you enjoy having me straddle your body. The whole thing is so erotic, you won't be able to stop thinking about it long after it ends!

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