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Rocking Girl For A Rocking Massage

Giulia is the cute little pocket rocket you've been dreaming of. She's fiery and adorable yet seductive and breathtaking. She won't tower over you in height but she'll straddle you as she gives you one of the best NURU massage Las Vegas call girls can give you. She'll blow your mind while whispering sweet nothings into your ear. She's the girl for you whether you want to stay in the room or you want to venture out for the night. Whatever it is you want to do or wherever it is you want to go, she'll light up the room with her own fire. But don't worry, she'll make sure you don't get burned.

Hopefully you're ready for a new massage experience. Giulia is here to give you a rocking Las Vegas NURU massage. But what is this kind of a massage? It is not like it is on the menu at your local spa and if you Google it, nothing comes up but pictures of naked Asian women doing all sorts of interesting things (hopefully you didn't Google it at work...but if you're already looking up at work, well then you certainly are a rebel now, aren't you?). If you did check out some of the Google results for NURU, you have kind of an idea as to what it is all about, but it gets even better with Giulia.

Giulia wants to make sure you are comfortable and ready for your massage. So you better kick back and relax. She first is going to pull off your clothing. Maybe she'll do it nice and slow, building the fire within you as you crave her even more. Maybe she does it fast, to see what all you are hiding underneath your clothing. Of course, then she needs to pull off her own clothes. Perhaps she'll let you help her. Perhaps she'll make you watch from afar. However it unfolds, it unfolds into a pile of clothing off into the corner when she starts to lather up your body with oil.

NURU is an Asian form of massage where body heat is passed from one individual to the next and used to reduce the tension of the muscles. Think of it as a hot stone massage with Giulia's tits and ass (too bad the local beauty school by you doesn't offer this kind of massage, right?).

You'll love every minute of your NURU massage and you'll also be on the next flight back to Vegas as soon as you can swing it, just to have another.

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