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Your Favorite Fantasy

How would you like me? Do you want me dressed up as your favorite fantasy when I arrive for your Las Vegas in room massage? Have you always had a thing for the Catholic school girl look? If so, I have the perfect skirt and stockings for that. My legs will go on for miles and my braided ponytail is the perfect touch to take it over the edge. Maybe you'd just like me to show up in a trench coat and nothing else? That would be fun, wouldn't it? I want to make you feel amazing, so if there is a look you have been dying to experience, please tell me. It only makes the Las Vegas sensual massage that much more enjoyable. Now that I'm in the room, it's time to get down to business. Should I start taking my clothes off first or should you? After all, you can't receive my Las Vegas naked massage with your clothes on. Would you like to help me take my clothes off? I can just never get this bra off on my own. It's so stubborn! Oh! That's better. Thank you so much! Do you like what you see? Now, let me help take those pants off. Oh, I can see you do like what you see. Your pants are so tight. We're going to have to do something about that. Can't just leave you in the room like that now, can I. Don't worry, I also specialize in happy ending Las Vegas massages. So when I leave the room, your entire body will be tension free. And no, stay in bed. Let me clean up. I want you to relax.

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