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She'll Make You Feel Like A Man

I just love the feeling of being wrapped around the big, strong arms of a man. I makes me feel protected. It makes me feel safe. There is just something about it I can't get any other way. I love to feel your warmth against mine. I ove to run my hands down your arms and just feel the hair, the muscles and the passion coursing through your entire body. It makes me feel special and cared for. Would you care for me? Would you be the man who makes me feel special?

I know I can make you feel special in return. There are a few different things I can do for you that are sure to make you feel great, both inside and out. I bet you're a bit like me, just looking for someone who can make them feel amazing and loved. I bet you take great care of your women back home, yet they just don't appreciate you for the things you do for them. Maybe you take them out to dinner and they never say "thank you." Sure, it is a little thing, but the little things are what make life worth living. Maybe they don't like the way you dress or they want you to change different things about yourself. You don't deserve that. You deserve to be taken care of and be respected. Don't you worry. I am here to take care of you, and to respect you. And to make you feel like a Man. Oh, am I going to make you feel like a man.

Let's see, maybe we can start with one of my famous erotic massage Las Vegas services. What exactly is this kind of a massage? Well, I'll be getting naked for you, and then you'll be getting naked for me. I'll then give you an incredible rub down that is going to send chills down your spine and make your heart jump a beat. As the Las Vegas erotic massage continues, I'm going to force all of your muscles into submission and, by the time I am done with you, you'll just be a puddle of jelly in my hands as you role you through my fingers. Is that alright? Is that something that works out for you? I hope it does, because it is going to work out for me.

There are plenty of Las Vegas massage girls out there, but I am one of the few who really is going to appreciate you for who you are.

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