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las vegas in room massage now hiring

in Room Massage Las VegasI can't explain why I was feeling nervous before I made the call. It's not like I was a novice, I've had my share of girlfriends. There have been one or two times I've been to a massage parlor out of curiosity, and a sore leg or aching shoulders. The relief of the aches and pains of a stressful week of negotiating my business in Las Vegas was just a simple phone call away. The funny thing was I felt ready to go for it as I entered my hotel room. I could barely think of anything else, just wanting that feel of a woman's soft, strong hands and fingers massaging away all the tenseness and fatigue.

Like No Other Massage In Las Vegas

I stripped down to my shorts and sat down to search on my laptop for the Las Vegas escorts website my personal assistant told me about. Sure enough, there it was, and I noted how he hadn't exaggerated about the gorgeous girls, their extremely tight bodies and whoa, they sounded so friendly too. I read their biographies, they talked about all the wonderful things they could do, experts in Nuru massage, naked massage, and all kinds of Las Vegas massage in room adventures. Why was I feeling so nervous? Maybe it was the thought of having such women of perfection in my hotel room. This was going to be an experience of intimacy that I wouldn't have attempted without the recommendation of my buddy at the office.

My Hands Trembled a Bit then I Heard Her Seductive Female Voice

Ok, take a deep breath and make this happen! I was on my third deep breath when the phone stopped ringing and this hot, hot voice answered. "Ok guy, just use your friendly voice, friendly works every time." Hey, this is Tom, I'm here in Vegas and thought I'd give you guys a call..." "Hi there Tom", (her voice was so sweet!), "did you want to make a date for tonight?" Something inside me just let go, this was fun, and easy and just plain exciting!

Couldn't Wait to Tell Him My Intimate in Room Massage Las Vegas Story

The next week, back at the office my personal assistant came into my office, "Ok buddy spill," he said, "did you make the call?" I just grinned, "Let's break for lunch and I'll tell you every detail." We spent the next two hours going over the great service the girls provided, right in my hotel room. I could see the look of devilish delight in his eyes.

Wait a Minute, You Invited More than One Girl to Your Las Vegas Massage In Room?

You bet I did, I was aching all over, and once I saw the leggy blonde with the tight stomach and gorgeously shaped breasts, I knew I'd be in heaven in her company. The thing was, my fantasy has always been to look up through the candlelight to see a seductive redhead with long, smooth arms and a taut, flexible body, giving me a happy ending massage Las Vegas style. I have to say, it was my night of dreams coming true.

Having Sexy Girls Here for Real was a Pleasure like No other

There was a knock at the door. I knew they heard me coming. Tripping like a dork over the desk chair made a clatter, and I could hear them giggling on the other side of the door. When I opened the door I said, "So, you're laughing, that's a good sign." The sensuous redhead said, "Of course we are laughing, we are ready to have a great time, how about you?"

Blown Away by the Attractive Pair Standing There

Nonia brushed past me to set up the bed for our massage. My fantasy red-head, Phoenix, lit candles and warmed massage oil. It was hard to think of something amusing to say as I watched Nonias' long, shiny, straight hair gracefully fall around her bare shoulders, she bent over to tuck the hygienic sheet over the sheets. The contrast between her healthy tan and soft blonde highlights was just stunning in the candlelight. I felt a familiar tug and a deep stirring inside me. Nonia suggested I take my clothes off and get comfortable. Phoenix tossed me a luxuriously thick, white Egyptian cotton towel as I walked past her.

Get Ready for the "A-Team", We Rock at Sensual Massage Las Vegas Style!

The girls were kneeling at either side of the bed when I came back out in my towel. I was greeted by mischievous smiles and welcoming hands. Lying on my back, Nonia put a black eye mask on me and giggled. Nonia was lathering Nuru oil on my shoulders and chest. Phoenix had a touch that felt competent and assuring, as she worked on my neck. Nonia’s caresses were gentle, kind of loving. I sighed deeply and let my body relax.

Enjoy the Seductively Talented Hands of Professional Girls

As Nonia began to work on my upper arms, the fragrant oil smoothed my skin and she became more aggressive, efficiently kneading every inch of my aching muscles. As Nonia moved downward, to work on my torso. Phoenix took my left wrist and hand, carefully increasing the circulation of each finger. Nonia moved to my thighs, wow this woman had talents. Phoenix straddled my waist, reached over and took off my eye mask.

These Girls Can Pull Off Sexy Fashion Like No One Else!

Phoenix was wearing a bikini top and a playful pleated white miniskirt. Not many girls could pull this look off. It was her tiny waist and lovely tan that looked just stunning. Nonia was pulling her thick red hair back with a clip, into casual ponytail. She was stripped down to her panties, the tiniest strip of forest green lace, obviously just for show, hiding nothing.

This is when it got So Hot!

I swear, Nonia was turning my legs into butter. Phoenix asked me if I wanted to roll over. I felt her well-lubricated body begin to slip and slide over my back and butt, it was a total delight. I was on my way to my first happy ending in room massage Las Vegas!