Enjoy Every Single Minute

So you are in Las Vegas but you have an early meeting tomorrow, so you probably shouldn't go out on the town tonight. After all, showing up to the big, corporate evening on no sleep and yesterday's clothing probably is not the best idea. So, instead, staying in the hotel is probably for the best, but that doesn't mean you still can't being in a taste of Las Vegas during your evening inside. After all, how often are you actually in Las Vegas? Even if you are in town every single weekend, you need to take advantage of being here. So, how in the world do you bring the world of Las Vegas into your room when you should stay there? Well, through the mage and bliss of a Las Vegas in room massage, of course. And Dakota is here to make sure you enjoy that massage beyond your wildest imagination. Dakota wants to make sure you enjoy every single minute of your massage. If you have never had a beautiful women inside of your room before to give you a Las Vegas NURU massage, you might be a little nervous at first, excited and budding with anticipation. That is good. It would be a shame if you were not looking forward to it. But don't worry, as soon as Dakota enters the room you'll be in your bed, waiting for her hands to start rubbing up and down your body. Would you like her to do it naked (you'd be crazy not to). This way, not only can you feel her hands working your sore and tight muscles, but you can also experience the sheer bliss of the Las Vegas naked massage. Enjoy her smell as she rubs up against you, and don't worry if you show just how relieved you are after the massage. She likes to see that. It's a sign she did a good job. So think of it as a tip.

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