A Delicate Ending

When Brazil the Eskimo gets here, everyone's gonna jump for joy! Alright, so maybe Bob Dylan had a few things wrong about the beautiful Brazil. She's not exactly an eskimo (maybe a Dynamo in the sack..but that's a completely different story), although you are going to jump for joy when she arrives. She sure is beautiful. One of the most beautiful girls out there, and she is all yours, able and ready to give you the best Las Vegas in room massage around. She has that amazing girls next door look to her, at least until she strips down and she's standing there, naked, in nothing but her high heels, looking at you while you sit there, trembling and aching in the bed, waiting for her to start the Las Vegas sensual massage. With every step she takes towards you, your anticipation is going to mount. You can smell her lingering perfume as it awakens the rest of your senses. And when you feel her warm hand slide down your neck after she applies a small amount of oil, your skin is sure to goosebumps as you completely turn to jelly in her hands. There is nothing better than the Las Vegas NURU massage Brazil is able to give you. If this is your first ever Las Vegas in room massage you are in for a treat and a delectable ending. But don't ask how it ends, you don't want to ruin it. After all, that's half the excitement! How will it end. Chances are, you have a pretty good idea. When Brazil's all done though, you're not going to be able to jump for you. You're muscles will be too loose and soft for that. Instead, you might just want to curl up and have the most amazing night sleep you've probably ever had.

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