Is This Your First Time?

Is this your first time in Vegas? You don't say, that is pretty interesting. Have you ever had a Las Vegas in room massage before? No? Oh, well you are in for a treat. The massage I can give you is unlike anything you've ever had before in your life. Your massage therapist is just not able to do what I can do for you. Would you like me naked? Well, close your eyes and count to 10, and your wish will come true when you open them again. Do you like what you see? Well then, it is time we get to work. Do you like the way I smell? Yes? Well, let me get in closer. I hope you don't mind my naked chest rubbing up against your back. I can lean back if you would like? Ha, I thought not. I'll stay close. But let me rub you down while my body is close to yours. I just love the exchange of body heat. There is something incredible about it. That warm feeling, it is like taking on the inner soul of someone. Of course, I also like to sit you up and have your warm back lean up against my warm chest while I reach around and massage the rest of your front. Oh? You didn't know that I give happy ending Las Vegas massages? Well, you are finding out all sorts of things today now, aren't you. Just lean against my hot, naked chest and relax. I'll take care of you. I want you to collapse into my arms while I work you into ecstasy. That way, we can both just relax in the warming glow of you finishing. And don't worry, if you'd like another massage there is always tomorrow. I'm here for you whenever you need me.

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