Dakota Combines Erotic Massage With CBD Oil

Dakota 2Are you interested in meeting up with a woman who is pleasing on the eyes to provide you with companionship? Do you enjoy massages? Do you want to have that exact pretty lady give you the massage you are clammering for? If so, I, Dakota, am your girl! Lucky for you, my massages go a bit above and beyond what you'd get with other people. Let me tell you about my "signature massage" so you can decide if this is something you'd like to try with me yourself!

Find Out About Me First

I know you are reading this blog post, so you can get somewhat of a sense of my personality through my writing, but that isn't really enough to go on when you hire an escort for companionship and massage purposes. I encourage you to check out my profile on the main site....just look for Dakota. Here you'll see some sneak peeks of what I look like with barely any clothes on. You'll even see some full on nudity there! As you'll see, I'm quite attractive, so I think you'll enjoy having me touch you all over your body!

Bring Me Out Then Bring Me To Your Place

I'd love to go out on the town with you for a while before I get to giving you a massage. I find it gives me a better understanding of my clients when I have the chance to talk to them first. Then I'll be able to focus on your exact needs because I'll get you to open up and tell me about them. Plus, who doesn't want to go out and have a good time with a pretty woman by your side? I'm there to make you look and feel good...both in public and in private. After we have our entertainment time in Vegas, we'll head back to your place to explore each other extremely closely. I'll whisper to you to tell you when I'm ready!

The Massage Involves Oil

My "signature massage" uses CBD oil. Not all massage artists know about the benefits this special oil provides to clients, so they don't really use it as they should. CBD oil helps to relax the body so you're ready for all I have to show you during our session. My massages are given totally in the buff. That means you and me! We will both be nude and you'll really love feeling my body upon yours after I slicken you down with that CBD oil. That's when the real excitement comes into play. I'll knead your muscles and make sure to touch on all your erogenous zones. Fantasy massage is my specialty and the power of CBD makes it easy to let go and enjoy the sensations without apprehension at all.