3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Hotel Room In Vegas

harper3If you are staying in a hotel room in Las Vegas, you are likely to be enjoying the amenities included with your luxurious accommodations. Most hotels in the area go above and beyond with posh furnishings and a relaxing atmosphere in rooms they provide to their clients. Here are three ways to make the most of your hotel room when you stay in the area.

Be Sure To Use Included Maid Services

Instead of foregoing maid service because you would rather be left alone, take the opportunity to get up and stroll around the hotel for a bit while your provider takes care of room in detail. Maid service means you'll get new towels, linens if needed, and toiletries, so you don't run out or run low at any time. A quick vacuuming of your carpet will refresh your living space, making it look great for any guests you decide to have over. You never know when you might want to have someone come over, so it is best to be prepared for visitors at any moment.

Use The Do Not Disturb Option

When in Vegas, you may be up at all hours of the night and require sleep at off-times. Be sure to ask the front desk clerk for a "Do not disturb" sign if one is not available on your doorknob upon your arrival. Use this notification to keep the maid from bothering you when you wish to slumber or when entertaining company. You can also alert the front desk of your intentions for privacy so that they can send someone to clean your room at a different time if needed. The front desk can also provide you with a wake-up call for your convenience. One of the best features to use while away is this sign so you get the privacy you desire.

Share The Wealth With Others

If you have a room that is beyond superior, you'll want to share the aesthetics with others. What if you don't know anyone in the area, though? Contacting an escort service is an option. Invite a beautiful woman to your room to help you appreciate the finer things in life. She'll love having room service deliveries, the minibar options, and the movies galore available on your television. Enjoy the amenities together and then use your time to explore each other as well.

What better way to take advantage of your hotel accommodations than to share them with someone else. Make the most of your quarters and let your escort strut her stuff through vast areas while you spectate. Enjoy the comfort of your bed with your escort with a sexy bed striptease or a relaxing massage. The options are endless and the excitement level is sure to peak simply because of the new experiences you'll enjoy in a setting other than your own home.